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Zakynthos - Ithaca - Kefalonia - Lefkada - Paxoi - Antipaxoi - Corfu - Parga - Zakynthos

Explore exotic coastlines and ports in the Area of Ionian Sea. The Ionian has a selection of beautiful islands, which are very different from those of the Aegean. Greener, mellower and overall differently colored, with paler, sweeter pastel shades. With their superb beaches, excellent marinas and safe harbours, yachting enthusiasts will have the experience of a lifetime. It is the ideal yachting destination. The Greeks call them the ‘Seven Islands’, but there are many more of these emerald gems. Sail the Ionian Sea and discover its unique islands.


Zakynthos in Greek, or Zante in Italian; White beaches, sea turtles and partying around the clock make Zakynthos a favorite holiday destination. The Venetians called this island “The Flower of the East”. Its people are very welcoming and they are great cooks. The southern area has the honor of hosting one of the last remaining habitats of the Mediterranean species of the loggerhead turtle.Navagio, an undoubtedly postcard perfect beach of the Ionian Sea, and one of the most famous and most photographed beaches in Europe. Along with the stunning Blue Caves, where you can swim and become one with the blue sea water, these are the two landmarks of the island. Swim at the famous Shipwreck Beach, watch the sunset from the cliffs of Keri and Kryoneri, listen to the islanders sing their cantadas and see the endangered caretta caretta sea turtles lay their eggs in the island’s white sands. Welcome to Zakynthos, as it is known in Greece, the island that has it all.


“Keep Ithaca always in your mind. Arriving there is what you are destined for” wrote the great Greek poet Constantinos Cavafy. Symbolic of the sweet homeland that everyone searches for and a rich and inspiring story. Ithaca is a magical island, full of history, green scenery and beautiful beaches. Odysseus’ adventurous and tumultuous voyage towards his homeland made this Ionian island mythical. It turned it into a symbol for spiritual journeys, inspiration, and refuge. This peaceful island is formed by two large peninsulas connected by a narrow isthmus and dotted with huge cliffs, steep mountains and extensive olive groves and cypresses. Lovely villages, many of which were rebuilt after the earthquake of 1953. Byzantine monasteries and churches offer wonderful views. Ithaca’s small size of guarantees spectacular changes in landscape over short distances. Sometimes it’s possible to see the entire island overlooking the ocean and surrounding islands. Gorgeous coves, beautiful beaches and a wooded landscape adored by yachters and sailors, the locals with their wry sense of humour, traditional hamlets, enticing Kioni Bay, mediaeval Anogi and Exogi with its ‘pyramids’. It is an island for lovers of reflection and tranquility, for travellers excited by discovery, and most of all... for those in search of their own private Ithaca.


Captain Corelli’s paradise lost: beautiful beaches, delightful ports, a national park and locals always ready for a laugh. The largest of the Ionian islands, with its sparkling azure waters, dazzling beaches and dark green mountains, has been a popular holiday spot for decades. The inhabitants of Kefalonia have a reputation for being the ‘quickest’ Greeks – always ready with a joke, a laugh and a helping hand. The island was chosen for filming the Hollywood movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Endless private beaches and bays of exceptional beauty, such as Myrto and Makri Gialos. Travel to coves that embrace the rare beauty of Kefalonia. For lovers of action and activities, Kefalonia offers all sorts of water sports at all the large organized beaches, as well as sea kayaking and scuba diving in impressive locations full of surprises such as little caves teeming with underwater life. Apart from swimming, Kefalonia Greece also has many places to see, from picturesque villages to medieval castles and beautiful monasteries. Fiscardo is the most cosmopolitan place with a port that receives many yachts every summer. Other nice villages to visit during your Kefalonia holidays are Argostoli, Sami and Assos


Considered as the Caribbean of Greece, Lefkada Island amazes visitors with the exotic blue colour of its beaches. Kathisma, Egremni, Porto Katsiki – the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean and distinguish for the wonderful colour and the impressive landscape, – have won international acclaim and are awarded annually with Blue Flags (symbolizing cleanliness and quality).Around the island, visitors can find lovely villages with fish taverns by the sea and surrounded by lush greenery. The welcoming Lefkada town will invite you to savour its culture: walks in the alleyways, folk songs, the famous bouranelous (anglers), and plates of Englouvi lentils on Agios Donatos’ feast day. Immerse yourself in Lefkada magical world.


The tiny island of Paxoi is located south of Corfu, on the northern side of the Ionian Sea. According to Greek Mythology, Poseidon created the island by striking Corfu with his trident, so that he and his wife Amphitrite could have some peace and quiet. This is a place with intense cosmopolitan style due to the many yachts that moor in its ports in summer. The beaches are unparalleled: white sand or pebbles lapped by glittering water. Behind them stretch groves of ancient olive trees, thick vineyards and greenery down to the water’s edge. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences to look forward to: the sunset from the white cliffs at Eremitis, exploring caves and hikes in search of historic cisterns. Rare treats include wine sweeter than kisses and luxurious villas where you’ll feel like royalty. South of Paxoi, this tiny island, only 3km long, would fit most definitions of paradise. A dense forest of mastic, pine, myrtle and cypress trees covers it, interspersed with grapevines. Well worth investigating if you can bear to leave the beaches. Paxoi is colors...blue and green... a paradise that marries graphic surrounds with nobility...This islands will remain etched in your memory forever.


Corfu, the Country of Phaeacians, it is the second largest of the Ionian Islands and, including its small satellite islands, and it is located in the northwestern part of Greece. It charms visitors with the Venetian style, Its rich multi-cultural heritage (Unesco has declared the island’s historic center a world heritage site.), its historic monuments, its crystal clear seas, and its excellent weather all year round explain why Corfu is one of the most cosmopolitan Mediterranean destinations. Many beautiful beaches are found around the island. Isolated picturesque coves or large and crowded beaches with beach bars, tavernas, shops and watersports. If you swim in the Canal d'Amour, the myth says you'll find your soul mate. The natural passage created by the smooth rocks is like a tunnel. In Sidari you’ll enjoy two more spectacular sand beaches with sandstone formations. A favourite destination for mariners, the Diapontia islands north of Corfu are ideal for diving and fishing. Do not forget to taste the regional delicacies of Corfu Pastitsada, sofrito, bourdeto. They will enrich your holidays with the aromas and flavours of the Ionian Sea.


Parga, on the coast of Epirus in Western Greece, is an idyllic resort that is located between the seaside region of Igoumenitsa and Preveza, and combines mountain and sea. It is one of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan points of northwestern Greece, that challenges you to get a closer view of its long history, its natural beauty and the hospitality of its residents. The narrow-paved paths, the blossom neighborhoods and the traditional taverns colour in their way the magic landscape of Parga. The postcard imagery is completed by the castle of Parga lording it over shops, restaurants and ouzo bars. All are here: historical sightseeing, gold beaches with the crystal blue water and beautiful touristic roads. Discover and enjoy the succession of beaches hidden in the tiny bays between Parga and Syvota. Here are just a few of their names: Ai-Giannakis, Ai-Sostis, Valtos, Kryoneri, Lyhnos, Pogonia, and Sarakiniko. Welcome to Parga, the town with the island feel.


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